Nomin Lkhagvasuren | Mongolia 2020 | 52 Min. | OmeU

18.05. | 7:30pm
De France, Saal 1 | TICKETS
together with MASTERS OF THE LAND

Austrian Premiere

© The Wheel

Suicide is a taboo in Mongolian society and is not publicly perceived. Hopelessness, loneliness, and lack of opportunities nonetheless characterise the fate of many who do not benefit from the country’s much-vaunted economic boom. In the past, their lifestyle was nomadic, proud, and independent; today they must eke out a living as wage slaves on society’s periphery.

THE WHEEL brings social ills to light. Made with humanistic dedication and narrative artifice and unfolding through personal destinies, it asks whether stubborn belief in progress and economic growth really makes sense if, in exchange, the diversity of human lifestyles must be abandoned.

Director: Nomin Lkhagvasuren (she/her)
Camera: Batbileg Zoljargal (he/him), Turmanlai Manaljav (he/him)
Editing:Ikhbayar Urchuud (he/him)
Sound: Batkhuu Gankhuu (he/him)
Production: Nomin Lkhagvasuren
Production Company: Production Company BAL Films

2020 IDFA, Netherlands – Winner of Best Mid-Length Documentary
2021 Cervino Cine Mountain FF, Italy
2021 DMZ DFF, South Korea
2021 Krakow FF, Poland
2021 Bangkok Thai IFF, Thailand
2021 La Cabina Medium Length FF, Spain
2021 Cinema Verite IDFF, Iran
2021 International Film Festival “Prvi kadar”/First Frame, Bosnia
2022 One World Prague, Czech Republic

Nomin Lkhagvasuren is a Mongolian journalist who worked as correspondent and editor for local and international publications and news services, including Agence-France Presse and Transitions Online. Nomin also worked for international and local press freedom and human rights organizations and journalism training institutes. She served the United Nations and its agencies as communications consultant. Currently, Nomin is a freelance journalist and filmmaker and communications consultant on energy efficiency projects in Mongolia. Nomin performed as researcher, translator and script consultant on a number of international film projects. The Wheel (Khürd) is Nomin’s debut in documentary filmmaking.