360° VR-Documentary
Daniel Kötter | Germany, Democratic Republic of Congo 2021 | 52 Min. | OmeU

Afro Asiatisches Institut, Türkenstraße 3
Seminarraum 1, 1.OG.
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Afro Asiatisches Institut, Türkenstraße 3
Seminarraum 1, 1.OG.
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PANEL DISCUSSION with Daniel Kötter and Olande Byamungu | 15.05. | 4-6pm

Austrian Premiere

In presence of Daniel Kötter, Olande Byamungu

© Daniel Kötter

Haunting images of abandoned mines in the Ruhr area createafeeling ofunease. Exploitation and pollution dig deep into the earth and remain visible in the region’s waterways, rivers and docks. It rushes, trickles and flows – the narratives blur and overlap.Only the people are gone. In contrast, work is in full swing at the coltan mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The everyday life of the mine is narrated by the women, whose experiences are inscribed in their bodies. Here, too, the water flows. Knee-deep, it makes its way from the interior of the mountain into the expanse of the landscape. 

WATER & COLTAN, a virtual reality 360°film, enables an immersive experience of the consequences of global resource extraction. An engaging experience. 

Directors: Daniel Kötter (he/his) in collaboration with Yasmine Bisimwa (she/her), Olande Byamungu (she/her), Christian Muhigwa (he/his)
Camera: Daniel Kötter
Editing: Daniel Kötter
Sound Design: Marcin Lenarczyk (he/his)
Sound Recording: Eckehard Güther (he/his), Frederic Kitoko (he/his), Daniel Kötter
Production:Daniel Kötter, Andrea Oberfeld (she/her); ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro mit Leoni Grützmacher (she/her)


SIMA Social Impact Media Award. United States (2022): Special Mention XR + INTERACTIVE
IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands (2021)
FIPADOC, International Documentary Festival, France (2022)

Daniel Kötter (Germany, 1975) documentary filmmaker and theater director. His research based works alternate between different media and institutional contexts. He regularly worked on the African continent and the Middle East. His major works include the film series “state-theatre: Lagos, Tehran, Berlin, Detroit, Beirut, Mönchengladbach” (2009-14), the art and film project Chinafrika (2013-19) and the award winning film trilogy “Hashti Tehran”, “Desert View” and “Rift Finfinnee” (2017-20).