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Wiederholung EVA Gewinner 2023

Repetition of the EVA Winner 2023: MAMÁ – MOM

Xun Sero | Mexico 2022 | 80 Min. | Spanish and Tzotzil with Engl. subtitles

11.05. | 9pm
De France, Saal 1 | TICKETS

© Xun Sero

Xun Sero grew up in Chiapas, Mexico between the sacrality of Guadalupe Virgin and Mother Earth. As a child without a father, he was often mocked, for which he blamed his mother. As a young adult, he now begins to reflect on his violent behavior toward her. The question “Who are you, Mama?” becomes the starting point to uncover the violence towards women deeply rooted in patriarchal society and to confront his own behavioral patterns.

In his feature-length debut, Xun Sero creates a portrait of a strong and resilient woman, sparking a dialogue between mother and son in which both explore their contradictions, acknowledge each other, and reflect on naturalised violence and its social reproduction.

Director: Xun Sero
Camera: José Alfredo Jiménez Pérez, Xun Sero
Editing: Nicolas Défossé
Sound: Jaime Álvarez, Martin de Torcy, Pablo Fernández Murguia
Production: Thomas Hakim, Julien Graff, Petit Chaos & Another Birth

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Special Jury Award FEISAL (XXXVII Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico)
Honorable Mention of the Young Jury (VI Black Canvas – Contemporary Film Festival, Mexico)
Honorable Mention, Documentary Feature Film competition (XV Festival Zanate, Mexico)
Award for Best Documentary Debut Film “Fernando Báez” (XV Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
FEISAL Award (XV Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (Canada, 2022) Official Selection, “World Showcase programme”
Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico, 2022) Official selection in competition
Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (Canada, 2022) Official selection in competition, “New Directors”
Ambulante Film Festival (Mexico, 2022) Official selection, “Pulsos”
Black Canvas – Contemporary Film Festival (Mexico, 2022) Official selection in competition
Morelia International Film Festival (Mexico, 2022) Official Selection, Documentary feature competition
Festival del Nuevo Cine Mexicano de Durango (Mexico, 2022) Official selection
Virginia Film Festival (United Sates, 2022) Official selection
IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2022) Official selection, Luminous, nominated for the IDFA Best First Feature
Festival Zanate (Colima, Mexico, 2022)
Official selection, Documentary feature competition
FICD Festival Internacional de Cine en el Desierto (Sonora, Mexico, 2022) Official Selection
Libre Cinema Festival (Mérida, México, 2022) Official Selection
Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic, 2023) Official selection in competition
Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (Finlandia, 2023) Official Selection
International Film Festival (Mexico, 2023) Official selection in competition
Festival de Cine Latinoamericano en Barcelona (Spain, 2023) Official selection
Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse (France, 2023) Official Selection, Documentary Feature Film competition
Jean Rouch International Film Festival (Paris, France, 2023) Official selection in competition

Xun Sero was born in 1988 in Chiapas, Mexico. He built his experience in the workshops of ‘Ambulante Más Allá’ and ‘CCC con Patas’, and in the ‘Escuela de Cine Documental de San Cristóbal de las Casas’. He currently works as cinematographer in documentary film productions: his most recent works are ‘Negra’ by Medhin Tewolde and ‘Kuxlejal/Vida’ by Elke Franke. Most of his stories are about the essence of indigenous people. He tries to develop the real cultural heritage of the characters and avoid clichés about indigenous person. ‘Mom’ is his first film as a director.