Zohar Wagner | Israel 2019 | 65 Min. | OmeU

European Premiere

The dead body of a two-year-old boy was found at the bottom of a fountain in a Bedouin Village. Immediately his mother became the main suspect and was imprisoned the very same day. During the twenty-one days custody the interrogating policemen were shamelessly exploiting the mother’s weaknesses in order to get her confession of murder.
To tell this complex and disturbing story, 21 Days Inside uses archived CCTV footage of the police department, re-enactments and narrated animations. The film unovers impressively topics such as power, police brutality and discrimination of women and ethnic minorities.

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Director: Zohar Wagner
Camera and Sound: Amikam Shilo, Ronen Nagel
Animation: Matt Rota
Producer: Zohar Wagner

Zohar Wagner is an Israeli documentary filmmaker and journalist. As the founder of “Zohar Wagner films”, she directed and produced five feature films which aired on Israeli television, presented in cinema theaters, and won prizes in film festivals worldwide.
In her works, she explores femininity, body image, the balance of power between men and women, as well as  the relations between weakened women in local middle eastern societies and powerful man.

As speaking Hebrew and Arabic, Wagner founded in 2015 in Jaffa a film program for Arab youngsters, “Jaffa Cinema”, teaching them documentary filmmaking and journalism, hoping to enhance their awareness for social activism.

Her sixth documentary “Savoy ” is now on production and will be aired on winter 2022 on Israeli public tv.