Denize Galiao | Brazil, Germany 2019 | 30 Min. | OmeU

Austrian Premiere

The Portuguese word “Saudade” cannot be translated into any other language. An old Brazilian legend says the African gods created “Saudade” so that enslaved people would not forget their loved ones and their origins. Triggered by her father’s illness, Afro-Brazilian director Denize Galiao engages with the meaning of home, heritage and identity – questions that cannot be answered unequivocally after twenty years of living in Germany.
Saudade is a sensitive portrait of first generation migrants’ inner tornness of belonging in two worlds.

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Director: Denize Galiao
Camera and Sound: Dino Osmanovic
Editing: Valeria Valenzuela
Producer: Michael Kalb

International Student Competition at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam 2019 (IDFA 2019) – Winner
Best Student Cinematographer for Dino Osmanovic at the Bosnian Cinematografie Award

Denize Galiao is a brazilian documentary filmmaker and editor based in Brazil and Germany. Born in 1980 in Porto Alegre, she emigrated in 1998 to and finished the preparatory college at the University of Potsdam in Germany. Later she worked as a freelance Editor fort he Bavarian Television and studied documentary filmmaking at the University of Television and Film Munich.