Manuel Domes, Jean Claire Dy | Philippines 2020 | 65 Min.

World Premiere

When the battles between government troops and jihadists took over the Philippian city Marawi in 2017, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants had to flee from the city. Since the troops’ departure, the inhabitants tried to rebuild their shattered home, but only a few returned to their uninhabitable houses. The family of Yusop and Farhanna is longing for their former home, for freedom, and income, and a well-ordered life, but the return to normality is a long path.
In A House in Pieces, the filmmakers Jean Claire Dy and Manuel Domes accompanied the family for two years through fear, worry, and hope, letting us experience a new beginning on their long journey.

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Directors: Jean Claire Dy, Manuel Domes
Camera and Sound: Manuel Domes, Vensan Mazmanyan
Editing: Manuel Domes
Producer: Jean Claire Dy, Manuel Domes

Biography Jean Claire Dy
Director and writer Jean Claire Dy is an educator, and filmmaker from the Southern Philippines. She founded “Stories Beyond,” an initiative that envisions to tell restorative and transformative narratives of communities, beyond the “single story”.

Biography Manuel Domes
Co-director, cinematographer, and editor Manuel Domes is a filmmaker from Germany, standing on a second leg in the Philippines. As a filmmaker, Manuel is interested in the intersections of conflict, identity, and migration.