Jakub Prysak | Poland 2020 | 16 Min. | OmeU

Two elderly sisters, Bożenna and Zofia, live next door to each other and spend a considerable part of their time together. They share an admiration for Polish ski jumpers and enjoy playing cards together. Only when it comes to political issues, do they clash regularly. For a while, the younger sister still seems to be ideologically anchored in the age of socialism. Her profoundly religious sister is an ardent supporter of the national-clerical PIS party.

A TALE OF TWO SISTERS is an affectionate portrait of two sisters which, with the help of split screens, also succeeds in bringing together the parts of their everyday lives that they do not spend together. 

Writer and Director: Jakub Prysak
Editor: Jakub Prysak
Cinematographer: Jakub Prysak
Production Manager: Katarzyna Marchewa
Colorist: Igor Yastremsky
Sound Design: Lucyna Wielopolska, Beata Klimaszewska
Art Director: Jacek Bławut, Andrzej Sapija
Producer: Agata Golańska

Screenings and Awards
Fipadoc 2021: New Talent Competition
FilmFestival Cottbus 2020: Screening
ALCINE Festival Internacional de Cine 2020: European Competition
Bytom Film Festival 2020: Competition 
Opolskie Lamy Film Festival 2020:Grand Prix 
International FIlm Festival Zoom-Zbliżenia 2020 (postponed to 2021): Competition
ŻUBROFFKA Film Festival 2020 (postponed to 2021): Competition

Jakub Prysak is a Polish director and screenwriter and a 5th year student of Film Directing at the Polish National Film School in Lodz. He has made several short films including ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’, selected for film festivals like Fipadoc and FilmFestival Cottbus. He’s also co-writer of feature film ‘Blindfold’, the winner of 1-2 Competition at Warsaw Film Festival 2020. Currently, he’s finishing his latest short film ‘Headfish’. He loves unique cinema, Nick Cave and Zen understanding of life.