Kristoffer Brugada | Philippines 2019 | 73 Min. | OmeU

As head of the family, Pedring has given his all for his wife and children. But then he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Since then, it is up to his wife and children to care for him. The film provides an intimate first-hand look at how a family deals with their father’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease and eventual death, leading to realizations about memory, relationships, and one’s own mortality.

Through a sensitive but honest lens, AN ELEGY TO FORGETTING explores the value of memories in human experience from the son’s point of view and testifies to how the ability to remember makes us feel alive and filled with love.

Writer and Director: Kristoffer Brugada (he/him)
Producers: Kristoffer Brugada, Cha Escala (she/her)
Cinematography: Tops Brugada (he/him), Jayson Dimbla (he/him), Karen Linaja (she/her)
Editing: Tops Brugada, Cha Escala, Max Canlas (he/him), Pabelle Manika (she/her)
Music: Peach Quebral (she/her)

World Premiere: Golden Goblet Award Official Selection, Main Competition, 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai, China 2020
National Premiere: Official Selection, Dokyu Section 16th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, Manila, Philippines 2020

Kristoffer Brugada is an award-winning independent filmmaker and professional university lecturer from the Philippines. He has over a decade of experience in Philippine media industry and has led several documentary productions that have won awards from international award-giving bodies such as the George Foster Peabody Award and Japan Prize for TV. His films have been screened at Shanghai International Filmfest, DMZ International Documentary Fest, and Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Filmfest.