David Rodríguez Muñiz | Kazakhstan, Spain 2019 | 19 Min. 

Austrian Premiere

When glaciers retreat, resources surface: This is particularly true for the gold mining industry. The melting of the glaciers has also affected Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The Aralkum salt desert, once the location of the ill-fated sea of Aral, exemplifies what the exploitation of water and the resulting water scarcity, especially for fishers, can lead to. 
Beyond the Glacier carefully examines how humans deal with nature and analyses the future of our species in the context of growing ecological chaos.

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Director: David Rodríguez Muñiz
Camera and Sound: David Rodríguez Muñiz, Pedro Acevedo
Editing: David Rodríguez Muñiz,
Producer: Álex Galán, David Rodríguez Muñiz

Mejor Cortometraje Documental, 38. ENKARZINE. Zalla (Vizcaya) Spain; Premio Uno de los Nuestros, 21. Certamen Internacional de Cortos ‘Ciudad de Soria’. Spain; Premio a la Mejor Banda Sonora para Pedro Acevedo, 31. FICA. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) Spain

Muñiz (1982, Avilés) is a director, screenwriter, editor and director of photography. His short documentary Refugees has been selected in the festivals of Clermont-Ferrand, EFFA Melbourne and Bogota Bogoshorts among others and has won seven awards including the best documentary short film in FICMEC and finalist in the GFN held in San Francisco.