Selim Yıldız | Syria, Turkey 2019 | 93 Min. | OmeU

Dialogue tells the story of a mother whose family was torn apart by the longstanding conflict in South-Eastern Turkey. Her son Enes disappeared in 2008 when he joined a militant group of the Kurdish Workers’ Party. For years, mother Besna has been waiting for a sign of her son’s life before she receives the message that Enes is fighting in Syria, in Rojava, in the YPG against the so-called Islamic State. Mother Besna and her second son Selim set out on an arduous and almost impossible journey from Turkey via northern Iraq to Syria to find „the lost son“.

Director, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Production: Selim Yildiz

Selim Yıldız (1985) was born in Van, Kurdistan. He studied in photography in Istanbul. He organized the exhibitions 113 years of resistance – Kurdish media and Child Migration. In 2013, he spent 29 days with Kurdish soldiers (PKK) and made his first documentary 29. Selims second documentary “I remember” in many festivals around the globe including Jihlava film festival.