Martin Lintner, Sophie Wagner | Austria 2018 | 85 Min. | OmeU

After years of uncertainty and closed doors, plans for reopening the former Museum of Ethnology finally turn into reality. Located in the Hofburg, the new World Museum Vienna creates a space for new stories about its unique collections. For three years, the film accompanies the processes behind the scenes and allows us to get to know the people, who in many small steps pursue a common goal: to rethink the museum as a meeting place and to present a complex heritage in a contemporary way.

Directors: Martin Lintner, Sophie Wagner
Cinematography and Sound: Martin Lintner, Sophie Wagner / Nóra Soponyai, Marlies Möderndorfer, Katja Seidel
Editing: Martin Lintner
Production: Martin Lintner, Sophie Wagner


Martin Lintner is a self-employed film producer, graphic and web designer. He studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna with emphasis on Visual Anthropology and anthropological filmmaking in theory and practice. Since 2010 he is organiser of ETHNOCINECA – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna and since 2012 he is chairman and artistic director of the festival.

Sophie Wagner is a Vienna based Visual Anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. From late 2019 onwards she is a PhD student at the University of Bern, working on tech-imaginaries and human transformations, with a focus on Big Data based systems. She has conducted fieldwork in Australia and Israel, holds film workshops and teaches documentary and ethnographic filmmaking practices at the University of Vienna.