Gerd Samland | Australia 2009 | 49 Min. | OV

In the documentary „Facing the World“ we follow Joog, Tyson, Michael & Lorraine starting JTV, their own indigenous TV Station in Roebourne, Western Australia. We plunge into a diverse network of indigenous artists and media workers. With great commitment they are facing the daily challenges of media production. We accompany the team, producing films and solving various technical and organisational problems. 

We follow media trainee Tyson as he visits the Garma Festival in the Northern Territory, an important indigenous cultural exchange event. We visit Neil Turner the head of the PAKAM network in Broome, helping JTV out with technical support. The world-renowned travesty artist Mary G invites us to his garage radio show. The famous pop singer duo Stiff Gins give us a private concert at the Cooks River in Sydney. 

They all have one thing in common: They fight against prejudice and for recognition in Australian society. They use film and radio to preserve their cultural knowledge, to reach out to the young generation and give them pride in their own culture. It’s a film for indigenous and non-indigenous people who are ready to cross the bridge to the other side.