Ditte Uljas | Finland 2014 | 66 Min. | OmeU

“Many people say that they just want to get away from here. I’ve never had that feeling. There’s space and freedom here.” (Aslak) 18 years Aslak, Siege and Annina live in the village of Utsjoki, the northernmost tip of the European Union. The documentary film follows the life of these Sami teenagers on the brink of adulthood. Living up north is not just a geographical concept but also a way of life. But for Aslak, Sierge and Annina this way of life is coming to an end. After graduation they will have to decide what to do and where to go in their lives. There are no schools, no jobs, and many say no future in Utsjoki. Aslak values the Lappish way of life and would like stay. Sierge and Annina has already decided to leave. But making the right decisions turns out more difficult than they thought.