Luis Alejandro Yero | Cuba 2018 | 23 Min.

After more than half a century, the couple Tatá and Esperanza experience, with almost 90 years, the first election of a president whose surname isn’t Castro. But it seems that it doesn’t really affect their everyday life. Big politics is made somewhere else, screened by an old TV that is watched in silence as an old era comes to an end.
The atmospheric pictures of Los Viejos Heraldos, take us to rural Cuba were an elderly couple appear to be unimpressed by the ongoing governmental change as they watch it from far away like two lighthouses of a remote world.

Website Film

Director: Luis Alejandro Yero 
Camera and Sound: Luis Alejandro Yero, Nathan Armstrong
Editing: Kendra Garcia
Producer: Ana María Pulido

IDFA (NETHERLANDS, November 2018)  WORLD PREMIERE; Havana  (CUBA, December 2018) BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM; Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival  (GREECE, March 2019); Malaga Film Festival  (SPAIN, March 2019); Rencontres Cinéma Martinique  (MARTINIQUE, March 2019); Muestra Joven  (CUBA, April 2019) BEST DOCUMENTARY; Busan International Short Film Festival  (SOUTH KOREA, April 2019); Diversions International Short Film Festival  (CROATIA, June 2019); FIC Gibara  (CUBA, July 2019); Festival ONE Country ONE Film  (FRANCE, July 2019); K:OSH Film Festival  (ALBANIA, July 2019); Holywood Serbia Int. FF (SERBIA, July 2019); Lucania Int. FF (ITALY, August 2019) SPECIAL JURY MENTION; Beyond Borders Int. Documentary Festival  (GREECE, August 2019); Sao Paulo Int. Short FF  (BRASIL, August 2019); Mexico Int. Short FF (MEXICO, September 2019); La Plata Int. Independent FF  (ARGENTINA, September 2019); International Human Rights FF Albania (ALBANIA, September 2019); Bali Int. FF  (INDONESIA, September 2019); Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine  (FRANCE, October 2019); Bozcaada Int’l Festival of Ecological Documentary (TURKEY, October 2019); Golden Tree Documentary Int. FF  (GERMANY, October 2019); Verín Int. Short FF (SPAIN, November 2019)

Cuban filmmaker born in 1989, graduated from the International Film and Television School of Cuba (EICTV) in 2018. His short films have competed in numerous European and Latin American film festivals, including IDFA, Jihlava, FICUNAM, Malaga and Olhar de Cinema, receiving awards at Mar del Plata and Havana.

Filmography as Director
THE CEMETERY LIGHTENS (14:23 min, documentary, short, film school project)
2018 NOTES ON THE SHORE (14:00 min, documentary, short, film school project)
2017 YEARS OF DEVOTION (13:21 min, documentary, short, film school project)
2014 NATALIA NIKOLAEVNA (30:00 min, documentary, short)