Jeroen Van der Stock | Belgium 2019 | 15 Min. | OmeU

On the 12th of July, 1984, Ivon Ray Stanley died on the electric chair. An assistant of the jail director reports via telephone from the bordering room of the execution cell about the process behind the one-way mirror. Meticulously, he works through an austere checklist, which helps the jail workers prepare to conduct the execution. The report is clinical, and it’s communication technical and dispassionate, while at the same time dot after dot is drawn over the grainy mugshot of Ivon Ray, finally erasing his profile. 
The Execution processes prosecutions between 1983 and 1996 through those “execution tapes” recorded and executed in the USA.  

Director: Jeroen Van der Stock
Camera and Sound: Jeroen Van der Stock
Editing: Jeroen Van der Stock
Producer: Jeroen Van der Stock

DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, World Premiere (South Korea, September 2019, in competition) Corto Dorico- Amnesty International. “Short on Rights” (Italy, 2019, in competition)
Experiments in Cinema v15.1 (USA, 2020) , Liberation Docfest Bangladesh (Bangladesh, 2020, in competition)

Jeroen Van der Stock (°1979) is a Belgian-born filmmaker who earned his Masters in Audiovisual Arts from the Luca School of Arts in Brussels. In his work he often explores ideas around rejection, dysfunctionality and abandonment. Van der Stock his video works have been screened at film festivals including Rotterdam, Oberhausen, CPH:DOX, Jeonju and RIDM. His short film ‘Night Horse’ won the Grand Prize at the Image Forum Festival and was nominated for the Found Footage Award at IFFR 2019.