Ziad Kalthoum, Filmmaker from Syria
Volkskundemuseum Wien | Saturday 25.05. | 14:00 Uhr
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The filmmaker Ziad Kalthoum knows what it means to almost break in what can only be described as schizophrenic living conditions. As a soldier in the service of the Syrian state, at daytime he fired bombs on the houses of the neighborhoods, in which he himself was attacked as a civilian in the evening. In 2012, Kalthoum deserted and went into exile in Europe. Since then and during his life in the war zone, he documented audio-visually what it means to live a life “at risk”.

After Immortal Sergeant, Ziad Kalthoum joins ethnocineca for the second time in 2019 with his film Taste of Cement. In this year’s masterclass – and based on his two films that on the one hand show the horrors of war and on the other hand attend to the consequences of those experiences – he shares his experience as a filmmaker, who has worked under the most difficult political, physical and psychological circumstances. He discusses his insights on how danger and the intended subject matter influence the form and narrative structure of films, and how, even under the most adverse circumstances and greatest risks, a masterpiece of human and political significance can be created.

Masterclass in English.

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Taste of Cement
FR 24.05. in Votiv Kino, Großer Saal, 20:00 Uhr
SU 26.05. in Votiv Kino, Großer Saal, 22:00 Uhr

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