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Saturday, 8.5.2021 | 3pm

As a film genre, the history of documentary filmmaking is always linked to the question of how one shapes the representation of social reality. In this year’s masterclass director Teboho Edkins engages with various forms of hybrid documentary film, a crossover genre between documentary and fiction film. In his own hybrid approach, Edkins questions the limits and possibilities of audiovisual documentation and explores elements of different genres of cinema. His “controlled” or “staged” reality uses fictional components of storytelling and the genre of the western or gangster film within documentary. His films and short documentaries have been screened at numerous film festivals around the globe. After “I am Sheriff” (2018) and “Coming of Age” (2015), Teboho Edkins now presents his latest film DAYS OF CANNIBALISM as part of the 2021 ethnocineca Online Edition.

In English.

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