Paula Reiselová | Slovakia 2018 | 16 Min. | OmeU

Austrian Premiere
De France | Saal 1 | Tuesday, 12.o5.2020 | 17:00

Slovakia’s glorious mining days are long gone and even in the small town of Gelnica all mines are now shut. The local population, however, holds on to its past and its mining traditions. And even though more and more young people are migrating to economically better-off regions, the older ones continue to live in the memory of their glorious past and frequently meet for drinks to celebrate their golden years together.
Planet Gelnica is a witty and visually impressive cinematic dissection of life in a former mining town, whose inhabitants are far from hanging up their hammers and picks.

Director: Paula Reiselová 
Camera and Sound: Lukáš Kačerjak, Jurgen Podhradský
Editing: Martin Piga
Producer: University of Performing Arts – Film Faculty, Bratislava

Listapad – Minsk International Documentary Film Festival

19th PiterKit International Student Film Festival

Paula Reiselová (1993) originally studied feature film. After leaving school, she faced the question of what to do next. The art of the feature film discouraged her from the film in general, so she decided to try out a documentary that came closer to the reality with its honesty. In her films, she likes to combine the knowledge gained during her feature film studies and tries to incorporate it into the reality of the documentary that unfolds before her eyes. The combination of both principles is clearly evident in the film “Planet Gelnica” where the protagonists are built into artificial poses, but at the same time telling their own authentic experiences and views. The film was screened at the festival of Gelnica Iluminace and was successfully adopted by its native people. At the moment, the film is presented at a echoes of festival “Áčko”.