Side Events



Panel Discussion with
Moara Passoni, Mattijs van de Port & Coraci Ruiz

The panel discussion is dedicated to three cinematic approaches in the examination of one’s (own) body. The two Brazilian filmmakers Coraci Ruiz and Moara Passoni and the director and anthropologist Mattijs van de Port, whose latest film and research is located in Brazil, will discuss the body as a space of love and desire, as an expression of control and self-determination, and as a resource for resistance. In the Panel Discussion, they will talk about the ways in which bodies and socio-political structures co-determine each other and how transformations and emancipations take place at significant moments or “turning points”. In a poetic cinematic journey, THE BODY WON’T CLOSE by Mattijs van de Port offers a reflection on mystical transfigurations, opening and closing, as well as on one’s own sexual orientation and its bodily-sensory experience. In THRESHOLD, filmmaker Coraci Ruiz not only addresses her daughter’s gender reassignment, but also the emancipation of a new generation of young Brazilians against the backdrop of the achievements of her mother’s generation for equal rights. In the hybrid documentary ECSTASY, Moara Passoni uses an alter ego to reflect on her own anorexic past and the social constraints and ideas it expresses. In conversation with Ana de Almeida, they discuss the different visual and narrative approaches to the body as an interface between the individual and society. The films will be available online on May 8thand 9th.

In English.