Johannes Gierlinger | Poland, Austria 2018 | 42 Min. | OmeU

Remapping the origins is an essayistic film about the city of Białystok, a reflection on how to deal with history and memory in a formerly pluralistic and revolutionary place. On it disappearance it has been worked for a century. A permanent clash of ideologies, ideas and beliefs. Now, in the 21st century, it seems at first sight, that not much is reminisced of the former working-class city with its large share of Jewish population. Being the birthplace of the two visionaries – Zamenhof and Vertov – the city today is regarded as a place in Europe where the political pressure of the right wing is one of the most obvious. The film brings the legacy of Białystok into the present and links it with current social developments. Thus, Remapping the origins becomes a reflection on the reading of historical events within collective historiography and the culture of commemoration. An essayistic meditation on loss, continuity and progression. A search for traces in a city that could be exemplary stand for more than a city, maybe for Europe, maybe for the future.

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Director: Johannes Gierlinger
Researcher: Johannes Gierlinger & Karl Wratschko
Sounddesign: Peter Kutin
Image & Editor: Johannes Gierlinger
Sound: Karl Wratschko & Jan Zischka
Modular Synth Arrangements: Frank Rottmann
Music Recordings: Moritz Nahold
Played by: Lisa Hörzer and Elisabeth Mori
Production Assistant: Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk & Karl Wratschko
Assistant: Paweł Szarpiący
Colors: Claudio Santancini
Acting: Ula Chrzanowska
Narration: Martin Hemmer
Production: Johannes Gierlinger

Visions Du Réel Nyon 2018, Switzerland
Documentarist Istanbul 2018, Türkey
Dokufest Prizren 2018, Republic of Kosovo
FIC Valdivia – Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia 2018, Chile
DokuBaku Int. Documentary Film Festival 2018, Azerbaijan
DokumentART Neubrandenburg 2018, Germany
Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Sarajevo, 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Transcinema Festival Internacional de Cine Lima 2018, Peru
Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta 2018, Indonesia
Diagonale Filmfestival Graz 2019, Austria
ethnocineca – Int. Documentary Film Festival Vienna, 2019, Austria
FilmAmed Documentary Festival 2019, Turkey (Upcoming)

Theodor Körner Förderpreis, 2018
Simon S. Award, Austria, 2018
Diagonale Film Festival – Best Short Documentary, Austria, 2019

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A subsequent fulfilment of a pre-historic wish, 2015, 9 Min.
Die Ordnung der Träume, 2017, 30 Min.
Remapping the origins, 2018 ,42 Min.

Johannes Gierlinger, born 1985 in Salzburg Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. His work deals with the complexitiy of history, memory, recollection and resistance, as well with their forms of representation and explores readings, doubts and possible future images in form of essayistic and poetical work. His films have been screened and exhibited at various Filmfestivals and Institutions like the CPH:DOX Copehagen, Visions Du R.el, Edinburgh Int. Filmfestival, Salzburger Kunstverein, Kunstforum Vienna, Diagonale Graz, mumok Kino and many more. Lives an works in Vienna.