Andrea de Fusco | Italy, France 2022 | 45 Min. | French with Engl. subtitles

THURSDAY, 11.05. | 7pm
Votiv Kino, Gr. Saal | TICKETS

Austrian Premiere

© Andrea De Fusco

In a collage of videos, images, and letters emerges the story of a young traveler who disappeared in the Himalayan mountains. At his home in Venice, Andrea De Fusco, his editor, assembles the materials that his now missing friend has sent him from his journey. While inspecting the material, he starts a dialogue with his friend. The absence is palpable, and one begins to wonder what kind of memories film footage and images can create of the actual people and places that shaped them.

SHAMBALA is an experimental reflection on the value of images about foreign cultures, how they are created and dealt with, and urges us to engage with our own perception of the world.

Director: Andrea De Fusco
Camera: Andrea De Fusco, Pietro Daviddi
Editing: Giulia Olivieri
Music: John Gorton
Sound: Filippo Zammattio, Andrea De Fusco, Pietro Daviddi
Production: Andrea De Fusco, Christophe Gougeon / AcquaAlta

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Andrea De Fusco is a filmmaker born in Rome and raised in Venice. He graduated from DAMS of Roma Tre and ESRA Paris. After five years in Paris, he returned to Venice to develop several projects about the city and its lagoon. He has directed several documentaries and film essays.His activity includes films, video installations, and photography. He works and lives between Venice and Paris.