Morten Vest | Nigeria, Denmark 2018 | 56 Min. | OmeU

The film follows a young couple who, a hundred years ago, left the Danish countryside to what is today Northern Nigeria to be the first missionaries in the area. Their mission is to ”build a bulwark against Islam”. They are well aware they will not come far by simply preaching the Bible. Having studied tropical medicine, they offer their medical practice solely as a package together with their religion. With only a year in Africa they manage to lay the foundation for a comprehensive system of Christian hospitals and schools, dominated the development of the society till today. On the basis of a massive film archive shot by the missionaries themselves, the film displays the price the redeemed had to pay for the Christian lifestyle. The Redeemed is a complex story about good intentions, adventurousness and arrogance, then as today.

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Written and directed by: Morten Vest
Producers: Robin Schmidt og Ulrik Gutkin
Producerassistent: Marianne Abildgaard
Camera: Robin Schmidt and Morten Vest
Produktionsleader, Nigeria: Japheth Habila Gapsiso
Driver, Nigeria: Steven Babba
Editing: Anders Obbekjær, Mette Esmark
Additional editing, grafichs and VFX: Morten Vest
Brønnum’s diary read by: Morten Vest
Editing consultants: Anne Fabini and Joelle Alexis, Rough Cut Service, Mikkel Sangstad, Jens Bidstrup
Colourist: Anders Vadgaard Christensen and Maria Klarlund, Kong Gulerod
Composer: Peter Kyed
Sound design: Martin Saabye Andersen, Ministi
Contributing directors and photographers, archive: Anders Faartoft, Leif Gustavsson, Alton C. O. Halverson, Jens Hebsgaard, Per Jensen, Arne Klit, Niels Thure Krarup, John Murray, James Normington, Thorbjörn Olausson, Arne Pilgaard Pedersen.

CPH:DOX 2018 documentary film festival in Copenhagen, Dänemark

Morten Vest is a a film director and photographer, born 1956. He is also an educated architect with a master in visual communication. His first feature film ‘Masais on the road’ debuted in 2010. He has worked as a still photographer, graphic designer and art director at exhibitions and campaigns. Morten has lived and worked in New Zealand, Greece and Africa.