Steph Beeston | Philippines, United Kingdom 2019 | 20 min. | OV

World Premiere

What is the meaning of life when you are surrounded by death? For thirty years Tony Bacalso has asked himself that very question, living with his family between the graves of Manila North Cemetery. He earns a living maintaining tombs, and each day is a waiting game, tracking the arrivals of the living and the dead. However as space in the cemetery dwindles, it is becoming increasingly harder to survive, and provide for his growing family. Those Who Wait evocatively reflects on the existence of life, death, luck and destiny. 

Director: Steph Beeston
Camera and Sound: Steph Beeston, Adam Woodhams
Editing: Lisa Cazzato Vieyra
Producer: Steph Beeston, Dennese Victoria

Beeston is a filmmaker based in London. She is half Filipino and grew up visiting Manila regularly. Having always been a place of fascination for her it’s unsurprising this is the location for her first film. After graduating from Goldsmiths University in Visual Anthropology she began her career as a film ethnographer, and Those Who Wait is her first venture into independent documentary filmmaking.