Stefanos Mondelos | Greece 2011 | 27 Min. | OmeU  

Two persons, politicized and deemed possible “public dangers” by their countries’ authorities, share their experiences during theirdecade-long stay in Greece. The one, hunted as an enemy in his own country, flees to Greece to save his life. The second one gives up a more or less settled life in his country in order to find a better life in Greece, the first European country he can reach.

The first person, strongly politicized, participates actively in movements that support immigrants, contributing his experience and action. Fifteen years later, he is retreating to his art studio, “tired” and “suspicious” of even the local “comrades”. The second person starts as completely apolitical, but when he realizes the injustices and discriminations in his country, takes up the task, through social and underground networks, to inform friends and fellows about things they would never learn from their country’s official media. 

Negotiating their political experience with the medium that presents them (moving image, TV, Documentary) and keeping their identities and/or faces hidden, this documentary explores and, at the same time questions the reality it portrays, its own “truth”. In this sense, it gives the viewers a possibility to think about the mediated reality of (moving) image, and its influence, but also to examine their relation to the documentary’s subject matter, namely the immigrant, as a person beyond his/her individuality, and immigration, as an act or a situation regardless of the individual reasons that led to it.