Lidija Burcak | Great Britain 2018 | 24 Min. | OV

Austrian Premiere
De France | Saal1 | Sunday, 26.5.2019 | 16:30 | Tickets
screened together with Photocrat & Február

An emotionally charged poetic encounter between the filmmaker and other psoriasis sufferers on behalf of yet another 125 million people around the world who are silently enduring the secret pain of a very visible yet hidden disease. The film explores skin as a metaphor of strength, belief, belonging and alienations… a determined attempt of a healing journey.

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Director: Lidija Burcak
Cinematography and Sound: Samuel Weniger, Lidija Burcak / Samuel Weniger, Gregor Rosenberger
Editing: Lidija Burcak
Production: Lidija Burcak

A visual anthropologist born 1983, a so-called Yugo (Swiss-born with Yugoslav parents), multilingual, studied at Goldsmiths University in London (MA) and Social Sciences in Zurich and Berlin (BA), worked as a journalist and as script supervisor, handles small talk & in-depth conversations very well. Currently based in Zurich and London.

Screenings & Awards
– Winner of the Paul Watson Prize for the final project in the Academic Year 2017/2018, Goldsmiths University London
– Tartu World Film Festival, March 2019