Hayedeh Moradi | Iran 2018 | 29 Min. | OmeU

It’s equally painful to watch Zahra walking for miles through deep snow and over steep mountains in order to reach school, and seeing the patriarchs of her village destroying the future of whole generations of female potential by referring to traditions and morals. 95 percent of all girls in this rural province have to leave school after only a couple of years of education. They disappear into the four walls of their families’, or their partners’ homes. It comes as a small miracle, that the young women who are portrayed here, still dare to dream big.

Cinematographer, Editor: Abdollah Shokri
Sound: Zohreh Ali Akbari
Producers: Amin Sboor
Production Company: Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC)

DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival.
International Film Festival «ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA»

Filmography as director
Fiction films: “Read with me” , “Nighil” , “alarm clock” , “second” , “village stories” and “Lachak”. Documentary films: “Snowy roofs” , “Empty Frames” ، Snow roads ، Writing the serial scripts of: – “Darzi Khane” for Ardebil center – “city of signs” for provinces medias – “Saray” for Tabriz television

Haide Moradi Born in 1353 in Ardabil province Studied directory at Soore university of Tehran.