Tomer Heymann | Germany, Israel 2018 | 106 Min.

Austrian Premiere

Jonathan Agassi, one of the most successful porn actors worldwide, is really Yonatan Langer and, therefore, a fictional character. When the documentary filmmaker Tomer Heymann asked Agassi if he would be willing to make a movie about his life, he could have never imagined to also feature his mother in a film that would share the whole story of her son. The outcome presents an intimate view on the world of pornography, but ever more so on a very special mother-son-relationship that redefines concepts of family anew. 
Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life shows a lonely persona seeking love and meaning, while steadily realizing that the extreme fantasies he is chasing, are not necessarily his own. 

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Director: Tomer Heymann
Camera and Sound: Addie Reiss, Itzik Cohen
Editing: Tal Rabiner, Alex Khosid
Producer: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann

Born in Israel in 1970, Tomer Heymann has been directing documentary films and series since 1997. He screened and won awards at international film festivals, such as Berlinale, Hot Docs, IDFA, and LAFF. His films have been theatrically released around the world, making him one of the documentary film industry’s leading directors. Cinematic and TV credits include “Bridge Over The Wadi” (IDFA 2006), “Paper Dolls” (winner of 3 awards at Berlinale 2006), “I Shot My Love” (Berlinale 2010, award winner at Hot Docs 2010), “The Queen Has No Crown” (Berlinale 2011), “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” (Audience Award at Berlinale 2016) and “Mr. Gaga” (Audience Award at SXSW 2017). Tomer teaches at several film schools in Israel, and is currently engaged in a number of ongoing projects.