Julia Kushnarenko | Russia 2018 | 30 Min. | OmeU

The Nenets people from Russia’s northern Yamal Region, a remote area of Siberia where winter temperatures can sink below minus 50 degrees, are all-too familiar with nature’s caprice. Every other day in summer these indigenous reindeer herders travel miles across the tundra along the same routes used by their ancestors. In 2012, production began at the Bovanenkovo natural gas field on the Yamal Peninsula, an enormous spit of land extending into the Arctic Ocean. The gas production facilities are located right on the historical migration routes of the Nenets people, forcing them to pick their way through industrial zones to reach their summer pastures. The nomadic herders are now facing a series of decisions about whether to save their unique lifestyle and traditions or assimilate with the modern world.

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Director, Cinemtography, Sound, Editing, Production: Julia Kushnarenko

Julia Kushnarenko
was born in Moscow and studied directing at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. She has completed courses at Moscow’s Scream School in visual effects compositing. She works not only as a documentary director,  but also as a cinematographer and an editor. Julia is fascinated by exploring characters in all their contradictions. In 2017 Julia with Veronika Sher founded International Dance Short Film Festival BODYSCOPE.