Young Sun Noh | South Korea, France 2018 | 70 Min. | OmeU

During Japan’s occupation of Korea, a Japanese woman goes to Korea to join her Korean lover. At the end of the Second World War, she brought a girl into the world, then returned to Japan, alone. I dream of this woman, a stranger, my unknown grandmother, deceased, without a name, without a face, isolated between two countries, so near and so far, Korea and Japan. I dream of my mother, also so far away.
Yukiko is a story of missed transmissions, it is an attempt to retrieve fragments of stories, memories in tatters.

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Director: Young Sun Noh
Producer: Carine Chichkowsky
Production Company: Survivance
Cinematography: Young Sun Noh
Editing: Young Sun Noh, Céline Ducreux
Sound: Marie Bottois, Young Sun Noh, Yumi Sato
Sound Design: Bertrand Larrieu

IDFA 2018, Amsterdam

Young Sun Noh was born in Seoul in 1979. She lives and works in France for 13 years. During her studies in Grenoble Art School in France, she developped video art practice. Her interest and passion for experimental and documentary cinema led her to study Documentary Film School in Lussas. Her student short documentary “Prune Sauvage” won the Grain doc prize at Festival Doc en courts in Lyon. She’s also regularly working as a film editor. “Yukiko” is her first feature-length documentary.