Eva Pervolovici | France, Romania 2020 | 92 Min. | OmeU

16.05. | 7pm
Votiv Kino, Gr. Saal | TICKETS

Austrian Premiere

In the presence of Eva Pervolovici

© Eva Pervolovici

In the 1980s, Nicolae Ceaușescu ordered the demolition of the Văcărești monastery in the same-named district of Bucharest in order to create an artificial lake on the same site. At the time, the once holy walls had long ceased their sacred use and instead had served for many years as a detention center for political prisoners. But Ceaușescu’s artificial lake was never completed. The fallow site has since been home to a Roma family and holds new stories and meanings.

In THE DELTA OF BUCHAREST those affected by the place’s oftentimes dark history tell its story. Supported by archival material, the film draws a line all the way from the former torture prison to Văcărești’s current purpose as a playground for an uncertain future.

Director: Eva Pervolovici
Script: Eva Pervolovici
Camera: Dominique Colin
Editing: Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot
Sound: Benoît Maerens
Music: Benoît Maerens
Production companies: MIDRALGAR (Marmitafilms), STRADA FILM INTERNATIONAL

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Best Feature Documentary (Toronto International Women Monthly Film Festival 2021, Canada)
Best Screenplay (Berlin Film Week 2021, Germany)
Best Feature Documentary (Eastern Europe International Movie Award 2021, Turkey)
Best Feature Documentary (Kosice International Monthly Film Festival 2021, Slovakia)

Toronto International Women Monthly Film Festival 2021, Canada
Berlin Film Week 2021, Germany
Eastern Europe International Movie Award 2021, Turkey
Kosice International Monthly Film Festival 2021, Slovakia
L’Europe autour de l’Europe 2021 (Documentary competition), France
Global Voices UN Woman San Francisco Film Festival 2021, USA
European Cinema Festival 2021, Spain
Montreal International Film Festival 2021, Canada
Bucharest Film Awards 2021, Romania
TIFF Transylvania Film Festival 2020 (Official program), Romania
Astra Film Festival Sibiu 2020, Romania

Eva Pervolovici (1984) is a Romanian director who has an impressive list of short films, video art, photographs, collectively written novels and art magazine on her record. Multiple by its forms and styles of expression, the work of Eva Pervolovici carries always the same intention: to make the subjectivity visible by leaving surrealism arise in everyday situations. Presented and awarded in many festivals (e.g., Berlinale, Rotterdam and Cannes) for her shorts, she also got an MFA Film Advance Practice. MARUSSIA, her first long film was shot in Paris in winter 2012 and selected at Berlin International Film Festival 2013.

The documentary THE DELTA OF BUCHAREST is her second long feature.

QUIARA AH! (2014)
LUBABEN (2011)