Hazte Sentir – TO BE HEARD

Dieter Deswarte, Alice Carolina Filipa Fontes, Luis Gomez, Vicente Jordano Barreto Jimenez, Davis Marcona, Sahary Molina, Julio Rengel | Brazil, United Kingdom | 2019 | 26 Min. | OmeU

World Premiere

Looking for a society where people can live and love as they please, six people cinematographically capture their escape from Venezuela to Manaus in Brazil. The largest city in the Amazon rainforest has been home to Brazil’s first shelter for LGBTIQ+ refugees. This collaborative documentary film tells the story of three residents who are trying to build a new life in this incongruous urban metropolis. A candid and intimate insight into the many challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ refugees.

Director: Dieter Deswarte
Camera and Sound: Dieter Deswarte, Jorge Puig 
Producer: Dieter Deswarte, Rose Fraser

Deswarte is a documentary filmmaker based in London. He is a self-shooter and editor. His intimate approach leads to a low-intervention kind of filmmaking that captures human stories with sincerity, creativity and cinematic beauty. He is known for his approachable manner, genuine interest in a wide range of subject matters and dedication towards his practice and social values. He is also one of the core tutors on the MA in ethnographic and documentary film at UCL.