Maria Petschnig | Austria, USA 2021 | 72 Min. | OmeU

15.05. | 9pm
De France, Saal 1 | TICKETS

In presence of Maria Petschnig

© Maria Petschnig

Marc’s voluntary homelessness has both psychological and economic reasons. He uses the gym around the corner for his daily shower, the green jeep is his home. Maria Petschnig recorded his everyday life over the course of a year, during which a constant process of negotiation developed between the protagonist and the filmmaker. On the streets of New York and in the library, reflections on proximity, distance, and interpretation unfold.

The experimental video portrait UNCOMFORTABLY COMFORTABLE poses questions about homelessness, friendship, racism and the effects of incarceration and trauma. Marc’s off-camera reflections are thought-provoking. “This is so simple to be complex!”

Director: Maria Petschnig
Camera: Maria Petschnig
Edit: Maria Petschnig
Sound: Maria Petschnig
Production: Maria Petschnig
Protagonist: Marc Thompson


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2021 Duisburg – Duisburger Filmwoche (ARTE-Dokumentarfilmpreis)
2022 Hamburg – 19. Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg
2022 Graz – Diagonale

Born 1977 in Klagenfurt / Austria, Maria Petschnig studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts / Vienna, the Royal College of Art / London and the Wimbledon School of Art / London. She lives in Brooklyn / New York since 2003.
Petschnig’s work has been exhibited and screened extensively both nationally and internationally.

Uncomfortably Comfortable, 72 min, HD video, 2021
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UNTITLED, 6 min, HD video, 2018
Poké, garden, 22 min, HD video, 2017
0000.0078-I, 2 min, HD video, 2017
C., 28 min, HD video, 2014/15
steppin’ out for lunch, 6 min, HD video, 2013