Yinan Wang | USA, China 2018 | 64 Min. | OmeU

Austrian Premiere
De France | Saal1 | Wednesday, 29.5.2019 | 20:00 | Tickets

Yen Ching is a 60-minute documentary film taking a fresh look at the family dynamics in a Chinese restaurant of the same name. The film takes an intimate look at the how a typical Chinese restaurant owner, named Chen, and his children, practice their very different American dreams. Yen Ching sheds light on the Chinese restaurant owner’s life as it explores his dilemma. Neither of his sons, for very different reasons, wants to follow the traditional Chinese/Chinese-American path in which children take over the family business.

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Cinematographer, Editor, Sound: Yinan Wang
Producer: Yujing Wang
Production Company: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Milwaukee Film Festival (Milwaukee, WI, United States, 19. Oktober, 2018, Nordamerikapremiere)
Days of Ethnographic Film (Ljubljana, Slowenien, März 2019, Europapremiere)
Wisconsin Film Festival (Madison, WI, United States, April 2019)
Kimberton Waldorf School (Pennsylvania, United States, Februar 2019)

Emerging Voices Award from HBO

Yinan Wang 王一男 wurde in Peking geboren und ist dokumentarischer Fotograph und Filmemacher. Seine Arbeiten beschäftigen sich mit Minderheiten in China und in den USA. Yen Ching ist sein erster Langdokumentarfilm mit der Hilfe von Professor Dick Blau und Professor Cecelia Condit. Derzeit ist er ein MFA Kandidat in Film an der Temple University in Philadelphia.