Jordi Esteva | Colombia, Spain 2020 | 77 Min. | OmeU

World Premiere

In Stories from Cabo Corrientes, we’re diving into the fantastical and magical world of stories from the people of a Columbian fisher’s village. The afro-Columbian community is rooted in the slavery of Spanish colonialism. Still, the memory of Africa is slowly fading into darkness, were it not for the stories of a time where magic and spirits were everyday companions. Nowadays, daily life represents another reality: fights of the Guerillas, drug dealers, and the paramilitary against the army discouraged the usually hospitable and peaceful inhabitants and changed their solidarity. 
Stories from Cabo Corrientes shares its shaping and colorful tales of myths, hopes, and memories of the village inhabitants with us against a breathtaking, cinematic, black-and-white background. 

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Director: Jordi Esteva
Edit: Xavi Pérez, Francesc Esteva, Leo Castro
Camera and Sound: Albert Serradó, Jordi Tresserras
Producer:  Filmico (Bogotá), Siwa Productions (Barcelona)

Jordi Esteva, born 1952 in Barcelona, Spain. Writer and photograph specialized in Africa and the Middle East. Lived 5 years in Cairo and other African cities. In 2010 he started filming documentaries –mostly in Black and White- centered in the worlds that are vanishing like the animism in Africa or the remote island of Socotra.

Filmography as a director
2010 – “Return to the Land of Souls”
2014 – “Komian”
2016 – ”Socotra, the Island of Djinns” (World Premiere Vision du Reel Festival 2016)
2020 – “Stories from Cabo Corrientes”